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Budokon is the brainchild of Kancho (creator) Cameron Shayne. The style was founded in 1999 in Los Angeles California, the result of 20 years of study and cultivation within the Yogic, Martial and Living arts. The word Bu-do-kon translates directly in Japanese as Warrior (Bu) Way (Do) Spirit (Kon) or “Way of the Spiritual Warrior”
Budokon is an integration of the Yogic, Martial and Living Arts into one wholistic mind-body-spirit system. The conception of the art was a reflection of Kancho Shayne’s desire to reunite the yogic and martial arts as practiced by the monks and sages of ancient history.
Budokon allows a person of any gender or level of physical health to explore the martial arts and yoga in a safe non-competitive environment. During Budokon practice the emphasis is placed solely upon organization of the body, concentration of the mind, and playfulness of the spirit.
Budokon cultivates the highest aspects and principles of each art of which it is comprised. The Yogic practice focuses on yin characteristics of stillness and internal energy control. This can only be achieved through proper alignment, technique and consistent practice. In time one will heal and better organize the body’s entire functioning systems. The Martial practice is used to express the more yang energy. Genuine Martial Arts works to condition the body and mind, with the ultimate goal of not defeating but harmonizing with our greatest adversary – ourselves.
Meditation practice is the core of the Budokon practice. Meditation is the ultimate reason a student practices any physical techniques. The goal being to bring the body and mind to a place of calm and comfort. With that the student may sit for any period of time and reconnect to Source or what may be referred to as original mind.