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Denise Austin

Denise Austin (maiden name Katnich) is an American fitness and exercise expert, author, columnist and instructor. She is also a member on the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. She is married to sports attorney Jeff Austin, with whom she had two daughters: Kelly (born 1990) and Katie (born 1993). Her sister-in-law is U.S. tennis champion Tracy Austin.
Denise was born in San Pedro, CA in 1957. She started gymnastics at the age of 12, which led to an athletic scholarship to University of Arizona. She graduated from UA with a degree in exercise physiology, and has since been teaching classes, produced shows, made videos, and written books and columns on exercise and staying fit. Examples include Shrink Your Female Fat Zones, Pilates for Every Body, and Eat Carbs, Lose Weight.
Denise can be seen on weekday mornings on Lifetime TV with programs Fit and Lite and Daily Workout, which she spends 4 months a year filming. She also had a long-running exercise program on ESPN.
She is known for her emphasis on staying fit naturally, emphasizing that she herself exercises only about 30 minutes a day and never skips meals. She also prefers use of sugar and butter over artificial sweeteners and margarine, though she does emphasize portion control, nutrient/food balance, and exercise.
Her exercise programs often integrate a variety of different disciplines including yoga, pilates, cross training, and aerobic exercise.