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Gilad was pursuing film production at UCLA while teaching aerobics and giving private classes at the Beverly Hills Health Club, Sports Connection and the Gilda Marks Studio. In 1981 he received an offer to come to Honolulu with some of his private clients, and through a variety of circumstances, his visit developed into "Bodies in Motion" in 1983, which went national through ESPN in 1985. In 1988 he convinced ESPN that they needed another fitness show, so he created the "Basic Training" show, which was hosted by his sister, Ada. Gilad was at the front lines in the Sinai in 1973, volunteering to a unit whose job it was to evacuate the injured to a field hospital. It was a sobering experience for a 19-year-old. His resolve was noticed, however, and he was selected for Officer's Candidate School. After becoming an officer, his knowledge and expertise in physical fitness prompted his appointment as fitness director of an entire base. Gil showed athletic prowess from an early age. While still In the military, he trained for and broke the Israeli decathlon record. He then came to the U.S. In 1976 to study and train at UCLA with Russ Hodge (1968 Decathlon Champion), in hopes of making the 1980 Olympic Team. An injury to his achilles tendon in 1977, however, forced Gil to retire from competition the following season. Gilad's main interests are producing and directing, and he has gathered tremendous experience since 1983. His reputation sparked several promotional involvements, such as national spokesperson for LA Gear's aerobic shoes, and national spokesperson for the Crystal Light Aerobic Championship. He has appeared on most every morning talk show, and his first three (of five) exercise videos have been certified Gold.